“LOVE AND LIGHT” : Yes, that has manifested in Prof Hevez Barucha’s family — founders of Holistic Healing Foundation of India in the form of:

I have been associated with Holistic Healing foundation since last 6 years and the learning imparted to me in Reiki – 3 level s and Clinical Hypnotherapy by Prof Hervez is par excellence in terms of imparting proper understanding of concepts and tea-ching i.e. TEA (caring) and CHI(sharing – energy–flowing subtly from him and his family to his students).

All the trustee members of Holistic Healing foundation are masters in the alternative healing methods and you feel at home with them with their graceful faces ready to welcome and help any individual coming to them.

I am thankful to them to stand by my side during critical period and helping & treating my dear ones with the help of Prof Hervez who treated them with Reiki, Theta healing and Hypnotherapy.

One visit is enough to tie you to the foundation forever – be it your wish to learn Reiki, Hypnotherapy, etc or come for healing.

OM Shanti

Pushkar Mehta
Former Chief Manager (Exports Commercial)
Arvind Ltd


From: The Brainenergy <>
Date: Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 4:34 PM
Subject: Gratitude towards ur Support

Dear Hervez sir,
After attending level 1 Clinical therapy I have found few Major changes in my life.
1. Initially I used to see world as problem. Now a days world is solution for me. I can feel myself as happiest person of the world.
2. I used to have hell lot of conflicts with my wife however after L1 my approach towards her got changed and we are sharing lovely and mature life together
Both the things wouldn’t have been possible with out personal interest exhibited by you and Rashna madam
My Big Thanks to both of you and CHII

Chirag Thaker
Founder & CEO
Thanks & Regards,
Chirag Thaker

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