In August 2008 I lost my brother Sidharth and was devastated. After about a year I lost my father too and went under severe depression. Bearing the pain and grief of this huge loss was not only taking a toll on me emotionally but also mentally and physically. It was also beginning to affect my relationship with my husband and children. Hereafter I started seeing a psychiatrist and was on antidepressant pills for about three months. I realized that the pills were not improving my condition but kept me sedated and were causing side effects.

Prof Hervez Bharucha was recommended to me for dealing with this loss. Not only were Prof Bharucha’s sessions effective, he was caring and compassionate throughout the whole process. I was not sure what I was in for, but after leaving his clinic I was much more at peace with the passing away of my brother and father. The second session gave new meaning to my life as they say ‘Today is the first day of the rest of my life’.

Dealing with grief is never easy. I wholeheartedly recommend Prof Bharucha if you happen to be in the situation I was in.



“To put a value on all that Mr. Bharucha has done for me is rather impossible. His techniques and gentle spirit have enabled me to live my best life possible. By cleaning and balancing my chakras, removing limiting energies while enlightening me with love and light has been revolutionalizing in my life.

Today I live free of burden and negative thoughts and energies. I consider myself blessed to have met Mr. Bharucha and to have had the incredible opportunity of being his client.

If you are struggling in your life and feel you have no options left, don’t give up until you contact Mr. Bharucha.”

Flora Brahmbhatt, Pharm.D., CGP


Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 13:49:41 +0100
Subject: Hello Sir
From: hardikmaster@gmail.com
To: hrbharucha@hotmail.com
Hello Sir,

how r u? we all r fine here? i have a good news to share with you. Finally after 13 months i have got the contract with my company, so now i am a full time employee and i will get the benefits like others do.

Try to follow ur comment and updates everyday on facebook. everything else is fine try to be really positive in life. but still some days r low here.

I have to tell you that everything i m getting in life is all because of you. you did show me all the correct ways and i followed them. finally i have achieved everything in life. so please sir keep ur blessings with us all the time.

we will definitely meet u when we come to india.

Thanks for everything sir!!!!!

Hardik Master