Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy

Testimonial for Hypnotherapy by Sapan Shah

2k_4 Prof Hervez R Bharucha, CHt being awarded the Hypnotherapy Teachers Training Certificate Levell II by Dr.Yuvraj Kapadia, CHt 2k_14 Felicitation of Prof Hervez R Bharucha, CHt 2k_16 Prof Hervez R Bharucha, CHt showing working of Hypnosis

2k_31 Hypnotherapy Advanced Training Certificate being presented by Dr Sunny Satin to Hervez Bharucha 31_07_2006 2k_39 Student Practice of Hypnotherapy Level 2 2k_44 Prof Hervez R Bharucha & Mrs Rashna H Bharucha jointly promoting training

Hypnotherapy has been flourishing as a very safe and yet a highly effective method of facilitating healing solutions for the human race for the better part of the century. It grants the practitioner access to the patient’s subconscious mind & by doing so provides an opportunity to understand the complex workings of his or her mind. Self Hypnosis empowers you to “heal yourself “.

Almost all diseases are born in the subconscious and later manifest in various parts of the body. Under the hypnotic state our analytical features and faculties are reduced sufficiently allowing the healer to access the subconscious mind and remove the emotions connected with the trauma, solve the emotion behind the disease thus eliminating it from the body entirely and allowing the innate power of the subconscious mind to manifest a healthier environment, so that the patient may live a more fulfilled and happy life.


We are registered with EKAA – Ekaagara Karma Apaara Antaraa (Earlier known as California Hypnosis Institute of India – CHII) and also manage its Gujarat Chapter. This is a non-profit organization that has positioned itself as a premier institute, delivering quality and consistent education, in the area of integrated clinical hypnotherapy in India. It is the first and the only professional Institute in India to conduct and offer certification courses in INTEGRATED CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY thereby integrating Clinical Hypnotherapy with other modalities of healing

Besides being internationally recognized by the British Medical Association and the American Hypnosis Association it has been approved by International Medical and Dental Health Association.

At HHFI Prof Hervez R Bharucha was the pioneer of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy in Gujarat and was the first teacher from Gujarat to learn this therapy since then he has dedicated all his efforts for the promotion of this therapy in Gujarat. His wife Rashna H Bharucha who is the Chapter Head for EKAA (Earlier known as CHII) Gujarat, shares his passion for teaching and healing. The passion towards alternative healing runs in the family, even his mother Mrs Rhoda R Bharucha has learnt Clinical Hypnotherapy.

In Gujarat, clinical hypnotherapy is conducted by trained experts all of whom are registered with EKAA (Earlier known as CHII) – Gujarat and work under the guidance of Prof Hervez R Bharucha, CHt, as and when required. Generally in this therapy the first one or two sessions are spent in problem identification and on an average it takes 4 to 5 sessions for a full recovery, however the number of sessions are subject to the severity of the following diseases and the time frame of their occurrence.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapy used to create major positive life-changes pertaining to health, wealth and success also to overcome psychosomatic disorders through the use of Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is bypassing the conscious analytical mind and working with the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy helps a person to:

EKAA (Earlier known as CHII) is now the FIRST ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Institute in India.

EKAA (Earlier known as CHII) Gujarat Training Centre is founded, developed & run by the Holistic Healing Foundation of India (HHFI) and Holistic Solutions.

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Course Certificate is issued by EKAA (Earlier known as CHII) – Mumbai.

We offer the following courses: