Spiritual Management

Everything in this universe is made up of energy which oscillates or vibrates, even our body, auric layers, chakras & mind are also made up of energy and the vibratory rate determines the type of matter.

Till date mankind has been programmed to use physical and mental energy to progress in life. Beyond these energy frequencies there also lies the emotional and spiritual energy frequencies – which used in a balanced manner with the previous will certainly help mankind to tap resources for an all out progress.

According to Prof Hervez R Bharucha, “Consciousness of the collective pool of individuals being lead in an organised manner for a common goal and mission is the basis of a successful organisation.”

Spiritual Governance and Management helps bring forth awareness of the subtle energies and use of them in a manner that helps lead first the self and then an organisation to bring in peace, happiness, progress & prosperity for the organisation, it’s members and environment.

This amazing 5 day workshop containing very powerful techniques and tools is prepared and conducted by Prof Hervez R Bharucha, a trainer and authority on working of the Mind, Aura, Chakras and it’s impact on the physical mass and vice-versa.

Course Contents:

Every individual has some or other limiting belief or ceiling of ability. This practical, step-by-step procedure of re-aligning energies in a manner which help individuals to bring a shift in the self imposed ceiling, re-align beliefs – to renew goals and move from thought into physical reality.