Angel Crystal Therapy

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Our revolutionary Angel Crystal Therapy is a unique non-intrusive healing system. Each crystal has its own unique vibration, which resonates with the Divine Angelic Vibrations, thus amplifying their healing energies to empower physical, mental, emotional and spiritual platforms of an individual.

The Crystals’ and Angels’ limitless powerful healing energies, both work on the human energy field, cleansing and rebalancing the Auric and Chakra systems, thus healing the body effectively, instantly and permanently.

Angel Crystal Therapy helps heal individual’s body, mind, emotions, relationships, family, career and finances.

Rashna H Bharucha is a certified Angel Crystal Therapist and teacher.

Rashna is also a Usui Reiki Master as well as a Karuna(R) Reiki Master and understands energy very well. She has developed an intuitively guided method of tapping into the energy of the Ascended Masters, Angels and Crystals in a manner to allow messages to flow through.