Awaken the Healer in You

Money is important in life. But what use is all the money in the world if your body is sick? At the end of the day, Health is your Greatest Wealth. With increasing stress, tension, competition, work pressure etc., your health deteriorates each day right before your eyes.

But when God created you, He created an Incredible Healer in you. You have got natural and supernatural healing powers deep within you waiting to be unfolded.

In this Life-Changing & Powerful Workshop Awaken the Healer in You Prof Hervez R Bharucha, CHt will help you remove the Physical / Chemical, Mental , Emotional and Spiritual Blocks that are deteriorating your Health. And he helps you open countless doors to become Whole and Healthy as he teaches you to Balance your Body, Mind and Spirit to Awaken the Healer in You.

Thus you become your best healer – by recognizing within you the ability to contribute to your own healing process

At the End of the Workshop you will be able to:

– Reverse the Negative Thought Patterns / Emotions / Experiences
– Build New Positive Thought Patterns / Emotions / Experiences
– Balance & Heal Holistically Your Body, Mind and Soul
– Open the Doors to a Healthy, Joyous and Prosperous Life