The Other Side and Back

The Subconscious Dimension of the Soul
(Take a Tour of the Afterlife – A Journey You Will Never Forget)
• Physical and Meta physical world
• Life and Death
• Life between lives
• Journey of the soul
• Theory of Karma
• Life Plan / Life Script
• Life Lessons
• Life Mission / Life Goals / Life Purpose
• Life Areas – Family, Health, Prosperity, Relationships, Love, Luck, Success…

At the end of the workshop you will be able to discover (that):

  1. What’s on the Other Side ?
  2. What does it look like ?
  3. What is There to do ?
  4. How is the Other Side connected to our Current Life on Earth ?
  1. Releases our Fear of Death
  2. Helps us to Accept, Take Total Responsibility of our Life and Thus Overcome the Difficulties and Hurdles of our Life
  3. Heals us on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Levels
  4. Empowers our Weak Life Areas as we Live this Life on Earth so that we become powerful magnets that attract:

– More Money
– Super Success
– Good Luck
– Better Health
– Rich and Healthy Relationships

      5.   Resolves our Pending Past Life Karma
6.   Ultimately Leads to the Advancement and Elevation of our Soul

Death of the physical body is Inevitable but the soul lives on forever and this Spiritual Home waits for everyone, this busy, perfect paradise called “The Other Side”.